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B737 Flight Simulator Perth area


Unit 12, 7 Galbraith Loop

Erskine,  WA 6210
Phone: +61 (08) 9534 9737

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+61 8 9534 9737

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Doctors Without Borders

737-800 Flight Simulator, Simulator Parts and Engineering

          Operating south of Perth, Western Australia.

Call us: (08) 9534 9737

NOW Available:

OEM Stick shaker with control card

OEM Dual Linked Control Columns

OEM Throttle Quadrant

Professional Projection Screens

Rudder pedals. Single and dual linked

Dynamic load control for all axes

Boeing 737

737 simulators and parts 

Flight Simulator Shop

Order your simulator parts here 

Cessna 172

Cessna simulators and parts 

Welcome to Aircraft Simulation

We sell B737 and Cessna 172 flight simulators and simulator parts for use at home, flying academies and entertainment. Have a look in our flight simulator shop where you can order complete simulators and single parts directly, delivered to you by mail. Located just 50 minutes south of Perth in Mandurah. 

We have an in-house computer technician who has extensive experience with Flight Simulators, software and computer hardware, repair and data recovery.


For specific requirements you can give us a call, as we create many parts ourselves or get them directly from the original airplanes.

A one stop destination for Cockpitbuilders

Boeing 737 & Cessna flight simulators

Simulator try-out

We have a complete B737 flight simulator in our workshop. 


Visit us to experience how it is to fly anywhere in the world as if you are flying a B737 for real.


Fly a B737 around the world, without leaving town!


Simulator training

Complete simulator training for flight simulator owners.


Learn how to take off and land, how to navigate and get familiar with all procedures.

Get an optimal experience out of your simulator!



We build genuine looking and  functioning simulator parts.


Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements or parts and we'll create it for you.


Build a simulator that looks and works like the real thing.

The Simulation Professionals

Professional  Simulator Solution Provider

Call +61 8 9534 9737 for more information.

Professional Simulator Parts

Building your own flight simulator

For all Flight Simulators and Flight Simulator parts, take a look in our online shop.

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