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B737 Flight Simulator Perth area


Unit 12, 7 Galbraith Loop

Erskine,  WA 6210
Phone: +61 (08) 9534 9737

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About us

Aircraft Simulation
The professional solution provider

Hi there, I am Leo.

I am an  aeronautical engineer with over 15 years experience flying commercial airliners with an additional 18 years of lecturing in aviation quality and safety related matters. I am the manager of Aircraft Simulation in Mandurah, Western Australia. 

We have our own B737-800NG demonstration flight simulator where the public can book a test flight before purchasing any of our products. We make,  assemble and sell B737-800 and Cessna 172 simulators using replica parts or OEM, the real aircraft parts for the best possible realism..


For those customers for whom buying the whole simulator is too much at once, or if you like to construct the whole simulator from scratch, we have all the single parts you can buy one by one.


We even build our own parts that are genuine looking replicas of the real B737 parts, but at a much lower cost.